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Canada Foreclosure Guide

When the home owners fail to make mortgage payments on time for a consecutive number of times, the house might become a foreclosed homes. When the home owners receives foreclosure notice, they could either find ways to stop foreclosure or sell pre-foreclosure homes to the new home buyers at a substantial lower price compared with the market.


Canada Foreclosure Listings

A few articles on how to find free Canada Foreclosure Listings or use paid Canada Foreclosure Listings which give you very detailed house information (property address, pricing, history etc).

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If you have no background in real estate or purchase of Canada foreclosure, please start reading the following guides first. 

Canada Foreclosure Basics

What is Foreclosure Canada

Why Does A Pre Foreclosure Happen in Canada?

Is There a Way to Stop a Bank Foreclosure?

What Type of Foreclosure Property Should I Buy?

Is it safe to buy a foreclosed homes in Canada?

Calculating Fair Market Value Correctly

The Best Way to Unearth If a Property Has Sufficient Equity

Easy Calculator to Find out Profitability of a Property

Negotiating Tactics before The Foreclosure Auction

A Checklist Of Things That Must Be Done For Every Property

The Property Is All Set To Go Now, How Do I Sell Quickly

Buying Foreclosures in Canada: Quick Start Steps To Success

How To Finalize A Property Within Five Days

How to stop foreclosure

Finding and Buying Foreclosed homes in Ontario


Canada Foreclosure Process

Find out Foreclosure Proceedings in Canada, Canada Foreclosure Rules, Foreclosure Process in British ColumbiaForeclosure Rules in British Columbia, Foreclosure Process in Ontario


Stop Canada Foreclosure

In USA, 30% of pre-foreclosure homes owners succeed in avoiding foreclosed homes, check out their strategies that also work in Canada!



Join Canada Foreclosure Online Courses

After completing all the readings on Canada Foreclosure, you can take this Buy Canada Pre-Foreclosure Course to start buying foreclosure homes. The course is offered by professional real estate in Vancouver and Alberta.


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